Watch This: Habits

Photo Credit - Unknown

Photo Credit – Unknown

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of tropical wunderkind Kygo and the soulful Parson James.

The two teamed up again for my favourite music sessions, the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and as usual, the result was something spectacular. Kygo and James reinterpreted ‘Habits’ by Tove Lo and turned the synth pop track on its head.

If you’re a fan of piano driven soul with a dollop of pop stylings thrown in, you’ll be sure to love this.

I can’t wait to see more from both!

Listen To This: The Best

Photo Credit -NRJ FI

Photo Credit -NRJ FI

I recently discovered Lenno while scouring Soundcloud for new music and when I heard his new offering, featuring my favourite, Dragonette, I fell in love.

The Espoo, native effortlessly weaves tropical strands with a heavy electro feel, reminiscent of Alphabeat and early Madeon mixes, all while staying true to each artists style. One of his standout remixes is of ‘Lost’ by Scavenger Hunt, it’s dreamy, synth laden and makes for addictive listening.

Another gem is ‘Can’t Do Without You’ by Caribou, it’s equally infectious and hooks you in right from the start.

His work with Dragonette is no less exciting and ‘ The Best’ is sure to be a hit. I can’t wait for more from him!

ps You can download most of his music for free. What are you waiting for? Enjoy.

New Music: MusicLI

Photo Credit: Fan At The Purp

I recently stumbled upon MusicLI after being introduced to his upcoming event, City of Sin and knew I was onto someone special.

Christo Patricios has been making a name for himself in the industry, merging his love for music and social change into a force that is set to continue to take South Africa by storm.

His work with Lucy Tops on ‘We Are The Law’ is as current, engaging and fantastic as it was when it first aired last year, and the issues addressed are no less relevant.

I can’t wait to see him perform soon. Keep an eye out for Patricios, he is set for great things!