New Music: MÖWE

Credit - Martin Muss Fliegen

Photo Credit – Martin Muss Fliegen

Any Nina Simone fans out there? Yes, then you will love the latest release from MÖWE, a new song that features the classic vocal sample from ‘Feeling Good.’

The duo, Mel and Clem, hailing from Vienna, have generated success with their melodic, infectious and uncomplicated sound. Their take on the classic is ‘Birds Flying High’ and it has been on repeat since I heard it.

The duo take everything you love from the original and add their own magic touch. It’s still got the soul, the funk and now a beat that will have you tapping your feet from start to finish.

It’s fun, fresh and the perfect way to start your week!

ps Did I mention you can download some of their original material, covers and remixes for free? What are you waiting for? Get going!

Listen To This: Waiting Here

Niklas Ibach

Photo Credit – Unknown

If you are a fan of Thomas Jack, Nicholas Haelg or Kygo then you will adore Niklas Ibach.

The 20 year old, Sutggart native is making waves with his upbeat, melodic and addictive remixes. I stumbled upon his remixes of Dotan’s ‘Hungry’ and Mighty Oaks ‘Back To You’ and promptly fell in love.

His take on Jake Isaac’s ‘Waiting Here’ is equally incredible. It’s dreamy, soulful and utterly enchanting. It was released last month by Ultra Music and since then has generated huge fanfare.

Expect to hear Ibach, everywhere, and soon at that.

ps You can enjoy some of his magical mixes for free.

Must Watch: Years & Years Cover HAIM

HAIM - Corona Capital

Photo Credit – Corona Capital

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of BBC Radio 1 and their Live Lounge sessions. They take the top artists of the moment and give them a new / old / classic / fun song to cover. The results are always interesting and sometimes better than the original.

It spawned some of favourite covers, including Ben Howard’s take on ‘Call Me Maybe’, Bastille’s twist on ‘We Can’t Stop’ and Miley’s surprising cover of ‘Summer Sadness’, it even made me take a fresh look at Taylor Swift with her spin on ‘Riptide’.

Enough of that though, the real stars here have to be my favourites, Years & Years, who recently took home the top spot in BBC Sound of 2015, and their cover of HAIM’s ‘Don’t Save Me’. I must say, it is one of those times where I prefer it to the original, Olly gives it a soulful and simply magical touch. His dance moves don’t hurt either.

Which do you prefer?

Listen to This: Shadows

Petite Noir - Credit Facebook

Photo Credit – Petite Noir Facebook

I have been following and working with Yannick Ilunga, or Petite Noir as most know him for the past 5 years. Watching his rise to success in the European scene over the years has been something to watch and to see him grow musically has been especially great.

His new releases, ‘Till We Ghosts’, ‘Chess’ and most recently ‘Shadows’ have shown off his edgier and refreshed sound. I for one, adore the darker undertones and subtle, shimmering synths.

His new sound promises to attract a range of different fans and please his old, with its depth. It also feels a lot more streamlined and radio ready.

Petite Noir is on top of his game and I have a feeling ‘Shadows’ will be a hit. Keep an eye out for more exciting releases soon!

ps His new EP ‘King of Anxiety’ is out on iTunes today!