Watch This: Ship To Wreck

Photo Credit - Stereo Board

Photo Credit – Stereo Board

There are very few artists who can match Florence Weltch in terms of haunting vocals and intensity, which exactly what Rhodes has done, with ‘Ship To Wreck’ by Florence and the Machine to boot.

Rhodes recently took to the BBC Live Lounge to give his interpretation of the hit song and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The dreamy, ethereal song is masterfully covered, keeping the haunting and gritty tone, with Rhodes own twist.

It is a cover you’ll be sure to have on repeat for weeks.

Listen To This: How Will I Know

Photo Credit - Stine Tragethon

Photo Credit – Stine Tragethon

What do you get when you take Sam Smith covering Whitney Houston with a tropical twist? It’s SJUR’s spin on things of course.

Bergen native, Sjur Kristian Gimmestad is fast making a name for himself and his incredible remixes of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke‘, Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX and Madilyn Bailey’s cover of ‘Fancy’. With a tendency towards melodic, soulful and uplifting tones, it makes for addictive listening.

His take on Sam Smith’s cover is a standout gem, it artfully captures Smith’s haunting and soulful vocals with a subtle and melodic spin. Enjoy!

New Music: Mark Johns

Photo Credit - Mark johns Facebook

Photo Credit – Mark johns Facebook

I have been following Mark Johns progress for the last few months and with each release I’ve been more and more intrigued.

I first came across Los Angeles native when I stumbled upon her cover of Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘In Paris‘, her interpretation, produced by Sable, is a glitchy, heady mix of rap and indie influences. Her follow up collaboration with my favourite Bearson, on ‘Imposter‘, was equally enchanting.

She recently teamed up with Glitch Mob, who excel in grimy, hard and pulsating offerings. ‘Better, Hide, Better Run’ wouldn’t be out of place on any radio station, or any playlist. It’s the perfect mix of classic Glitch Mob with indie edge.

You’ll love it. It’s impossible not to!