Listen To This: Let You Know

Photo Credit: Uknown

Photo Credit: Uknown

If you have turned on your radio anytime during the past few months there is a one hundred percent chance that you would have heard the latest release from Sketchy Bongo and Shekhinah.

The duo first teamed up for hit ‘Back To The Beach’ and they recently released ‘Let You Know’. It features smooth, scintillating and haunting vocals from Shekhinah, with Sketchy Bongo on production.

The production is flawless and is arguably one of the most exciting releases I have heard in years.

Keep an eye out for these two, and the Wolfpack, I have a feeling their sound is going to go international!

Listen To This: Can’t Feel My Face

Photo Credit - Uknown

Photo Credit – Uknown

There is nothing more I love than a good cover, that is unless it is a good cover and an even better remix. I stumbled upon this winning combination when I heard Jakoban and Not Your Dope’s remix of Ember Island’s cover of The Weeknd’s ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

Sound confusing? It isn’t. Think soaring vocals thanks to Ember Island, the trio from Sweden who have made a name for themselves with their incredible covers, and magical, glitchy and incredible work by brothers Andrei and Sasha from Romania, who make up Jakoban and well as Not Your Dope from Germany.

Did I mention you could download it for free? Enjoy!

Monthly Mixtape December

Photo Credit - Gabi Goldberg

Photo Credit – Gabi Goldberg

Can’t quite believe it is December already and this is my final mixtape for the year. This mixtape has it’s leanings in tropical house and deep house. It features remixes of your favourite artists and some surprises from the year, that I think you will love.

Think Halsey, OSCAR, Major Lazer, Eastside, Rudimental, Hibell, Chainsmokers and many more. Enjoy it!

ps You can follow me on Soundcloud for more of my favourites and sneak peeks as to what I’m loving…