Spotlight On: Chee

Photo Credit - Unknown

Photo Credit – Unknown

I caught up with up and comer, Chee before he plays at the Griet Halloween this weekend. We talked musical influences, who he can’t wait to see and what is in store for him..

Who are your musical influences?
Noisia, Vaetxh, Amon Tobin, Current Value, Moody Good, Culprate, The Mars Volta and a lot more.

How would you describe your sound?

Explain how you became involved with the event and why you chose to perform at the Halloween party?
My manager spoke to me about it and mentioned that it’s a Griet party so I was down from the start. Always been a fan of the Griet parties and playing one of them has been an honour.

What are you looking forward to about the party and Halloween itself?

I’ve never been to a Halloween bass party so I’m excited to experience both the bass music and disturbing costumes people have to offer. Both of them seem to work, I think my music will fit right in.

Who are most excited to see perform and why?

PHFat, Their oppi set was massive! Heard a lot new tracks that were a bit different to the usual PHfat sound they deliver. I’m a bit bumped out that I’ll only see them for 30 minutes due to our sets clashing.

What are you currently working on and do you have certain projects that you are excited about?
At the moment, I’m building a free halftime/hip hop & dnb EP that might be released sometime before the year ends through bandcamp and other label releases I can’t discuss yet. There’s a neurofunk LP in the works as well that I’ve been meaning to play out but never really had the chance. The LP will only be released in 2016.

Interview: Thomas Krane

Photo Credit - Allister Christie

Photo Credit – Allister Christie

I caught up with singer and songwriter Thomas Krane, before the launch of his second album, ‘Bone Tower’ next week. We talked about working with Cherilyn MacNeil, Sheldon Yoko and Colin Von Berg on the album, as well as what he has planned for the future.

How would you describe your sound?

A review of the album described it as ‘electric guitar based poem songs’, and I think that fits quite nicely.

Who are your musical influences?

There are so many! I am deeply influenced by my dad’s old records – particularly Leonard Cohen. The Pixies and the White Stripes were formative in my teen years. I’m a big fan of the way Modest Mouse do things. Ryan Adams is a hero. I could go on…

How many songs did you have to write before you came up with the ones that are on your album?

Haha. In five years I have written the 9 songs that are on the album. I’m not exactly what you’d call prolific. That is all of them there are no more. They have gone through various different stages and evolved over the years – but that’s emptied the bank.

Do you have a favourite track off the album? If so, why is it your favourite?

Tough to call! I think Small Things is all round probably the most robust songwriting on the album, but I’m a Devil has enough weird charm to maybe take the lead. It was also strongly influenced by other perhaps more than by me people so I feel I can actually like it without being too narcissistic.

What was it like working with the various artists who came onboard for the album?

It was really easy for the most part – they are all at the top of their games. I didn’t really direct any of their input and most of it was done remotely. I mailed a track to them, told them where the space was, and they sent a track back with their additions. It was actually really fun getting the tracks back not knowing what additions they had made – discovering my own song like new each time.

What would you like to achieve in the music industry?

My long term ambition is to casually produce a quality album every five years and have built up enough support by the time I retire to spend my twilight years touring the world.

Last but not least, what is next for you?

I’m launching the album in Cape Town on the 18th of September – get tickets and details at, and then I’m finishing up an MBA at UCT and moving to Johannesburg for a new job I have just accepted. As one does!

But I am also planning on a little national tour (which sounds very grand, but will probably just involve a few shows in Joburg and Durban, and then back to Cape Town.)

Interview: Deeziak

Photo Credit - Peter Hudson

Who are your influences?

From Bob Marley, Rage Against The Machine, Bad Company, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Krafty Kuts and Bonobo to name a few. I take influences from lots of different genres and artists.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound could be described as a mixture between more energetic rolling style and darker neuro-funk Drum & Dass. At Grietfiest 2016 I will be playing something different to what I usually play out at events, so im very excited for that! Expect some serious JUNGLE!

You shared the stage with some of the greatest International Drum & Bass acts including DJ Fresh, Camo & Krooked, Sigma, what was the best experience you had?

All of them have been a super unbelievable, but if I had to choose one – It would have been when [SiRENSOUND] hosted KASRA (UK) at Critical Winter 2015.

Explain how you became involved with the event and why you chose to perform at the festival?

I always aim to only deliver the best quality sets with new and exciting material. For me, it’s all about the tune selection and mixing style. Grietfest is definitely an event that showcases acts like myself who are passionate about the music very well.

What are you looking forward to about Grietfest? 

Im looking forward to seeing what the organisers will blow our minds with this year. I know the venue is sick and getting to play at a festival with artists like Friction, Apashe, The Oddword and more is definitely something to be amped about!

Who are most excited to see perform and why?

Most definitely Friction (UK). He is one of my favourites in the D&B world. A real inspiration! SHOOOOGUUUUUN!

What are you currently working on and do you have certain projects that you are excited about?

I am currently busy rebuilding my studio and focused on a lot of projects I am very excited about. From running an upcoming record label to hosting some of the best international artists in SA at the events I am involved with.

ps Photo Credit – Peter Hudson