Interview: Al Bairre

Photo Credit - Sam Wells

Photo Credit – Sam Wells

I caught up with Nick Preen from Al Bairre and we talked about their new EP, how the band’s sound has progressed and all things you can expect from them!

How would you say the band’s sound has progressed with the releases over the years?

We’re slowly taking steps to make our sound more commercial and appealing to all kinds of audiences. That way our tracks do better and we can add more monetary value to our performances. For example focus on how our live sound.

How many songs did you have to write before you came up with the ones that are on the EP?

We’ve written about 11 songs in total and 8 of them are on the E.P. We’ve performed the other ones live over the years and you might find some inadequate recordings of them somewhere on the line.

Do you have a favourite track off the EP? 

“Where do we go from here’ is my favourite. Mostly because it was the last song we wrote. Parents always say they love their children equally but I’m pretty sure they love their newborn more than the child they’ve already been playing with. Like what child/song would you rather play with? The one you have been or this new fresh baby you don’t know how people react to.

Your songs recently hit half a million plays on Spotify, what was it like when you saw the count?

To be honest it was really surprising! We don’t actually have spotify yet in this country, so to find out there’s been that many individuals outside of South Africa felt really warm and rewarding. It’s made the prospect of touring over the seas more of a reality, which then helps us tick all the boxes on our to do list. We’re very pedantic about lists and that ones the most important one we have.

What was it like hearing that ‘Caviar Dreams’ won the Xperia Mashlab on 5FM track of the year?
Really really nice! My little cousin was the first to tell me about it and he was so excited that ‘we were the best’ I almost cried. What a naïve child. It was a nice moment.

What would you like to achieve in the music industry?

We want to write as many different chart topping singles as possible, using only our violin, cello, keyboard, guitars and drum kit and completely monopolize the ‘band’ market so that anyone playing a musical instrument and not a computer struggles to make a living or become a success. This way we’ll be the only band left and when we call it quits will be welcomed by edm and trance dj’s a like and finally realize our dream and tick the final box which is that of : welcome popularity.

Interview: Chee

Photo Credit - Unknown

Photo Credit – Unknown

I caught up with Chee ahead of his set at Mielepop and we talked about how he became involved with the festival, as well as what you can expect from him.

Explain how you became involved with Mieliepop and why you chose to perform at the festival?

I got called up by Henk to play b2b with Zain (Phizicist)

What are you looking forward to about the festival?

The festival as a whole, it’s my first time going and a lot of my friends have been to the previous ones and they say it’s a lot of fun.

Who are most excited to see perform and why?

Haezer, he has been putting out a lot of bangers for a while and from the unreleased dubplates I’ve heard of his, I get the feeling he’s going to smash it!

What are you currently working on and do you any projects you are excited about?

I actually have a ton of projects that are being released this year including 3 EPs, few remixes & collaborations. Of late I’ve mostly been doing shows and haven’t had the time to sit and finish my work. Currently I have a project with 3 other artists titled ‘It Hz’ and it’s myself, Phizicist, Tyler Breaks & JonCasey. We’re planning on releasing a 5 track EP really soon.


Interview: Diamond Thug

Photo Credit - Seth Zworestine

Photo Credit – Seth Zworestine

I chatted to Diamond Thug ahead of their performance at Mielepop and we discussed why they decied to perform there and what you can expect from them.

Explain how you became involved with Mielepop why you chose to perform at the festival?

Well we’ve heard great things about the festival from previous years from friends, so we’ve known about the festival for a while. We’ve never actually been, but when Henk approached us to play at the festival, we were very excited to get involved. We’ve worked with Henk a few times on his productions and they’re always top quality, so there’s no doubt the event is going to be of an international standard.

What are you looking forward to about the festival?

Well it’ll be our first time in Mpumalanga as a band and our first performance in the province, so we’re really looking forward to that. The venue also looks great and hopefully the weather will play it’s part and we’ll all be able to enjoy a super weekend outdoors!

Who are most excited to see perform and why?

We love both Tidal Wave’s and The Nomadic Orchestra’s live sets. They’re super tight bands who really have their performances down. But other than that there are tons of bands we’re excited to see!

What are you currently working on and do you any projects you are excited about?

We’re about to release our debut EP, called ‘Monday Will Have to Wait’. It’s currently available for pre-oder on iTunes and will be available on all digital stores on 29 February 2016. That’s something we’re really excited about.

We recorded two of the tracks over in the States through the Converse Music Global Takeover program. The other two tracks were recorded with Darryl Torr in Cape Town.

Currently we’re working on a few projects, Chantel has Van T, her solo project and Adrian and Danilo are launching an ambient electronic instrumental project soon. We’re very happy to be busy at the moment, both with touring, writing and releasing work!

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