Interview: TheCity

Photo Credit - Deirdre Hewitson

Photo Credit – Deirdre Hewitson

TheCity is one of the most exciting up and coming bands that I have heard in a very long time. They are making waves on the scene with the release of their debut EP, ‘The City‘. I caught up with the band to discover how they met and what is in store.

Keep an eye out for them, I am expecting big things!

How did the band meet?

We met while working on other music projects and through music college where we all studied.

Why did you pick the band name?

A city is where people with different backgrounds meet to share similar interests whether it be education or the arts or to be a part of a spiritual or political movement so it just felt apt.

How would you describe your sound?

Future Afro- a blend of soul, electronica and afrobeats.

Who are your musical influences?

Brenda Fassie, Little Dragon, D’Angelo amongst many.

Who does the song writing? And do you have main themes or topics for most of the songs?

We all write together. Someone presents a basic idea which we flesh out. Even Reuben our drummer writes songs with us. The main themes running through our EP are love and aspiration.

How many songs did you have to write before you came up with the ones that are on your EP?

We have a set of songs which we perform live, the ones on the EP we think represents the different facets of what we are about, best.

Do you have a favourite track off the EP? If so, why is it your favourite?

Long For You is our favourite. It has a strong evocative vocal and we all get to do cool stuff with our instruments haha.

Did you do anything off the wall whilst in studio?

Haha no we’re pretty serious when we’re working and our sessions were on the clock so we had to get to business. There were a couple of all-nighters though!

What would you like to achieve in the music industry?

We would very much like to be a part of bringing this beautiful but segregated young industry together and help make heritage cool while adding something unique to the live music scene.

Last but not least, what is next for The City?

We’re planning a tour to Jozi and Durbs, so look out for us in your town! We’ve also started working on our full length album which will be out early next year.

Interview: Metro Ticket on Freedom Festival

Photo Credit - Metro Ticket Facebook

Photo Credit – Metro Ticket Facebook

Metro Ticket has made a name for themselves within the Johannesburg scene and those in Pretoria and Cape Town will get a taste of what they have to offer at the upcoming Freedom Festival.

I caught up with the duo, Matthew Bouton and Carlo Zourides, to see how got involved with the festival, who they were looking forward to seeing and an exciting project they are working on.

How did you became involved with Freedom Festival?

Playing at Arcade Empire secured us the gig at the Freedom Festival.

What are you looking forward to about the festival?

Finding freedom.

Who are most excited to see perform and why?

Fokofpolisiekar, great local band.

What are you currently working on?

The Fenomena Phestival, which is a one day outdoor electronic music event that aims to create the ultimate event experience by the combined powers of nature, music and people.

Note: The Freedom Festival has been rescheduled for later this year. I’ll keep you updated with the new dates and line up!