Interview: Just Jinjer

Photo Credit - Daniel Craig

Photo Credit – Daniel Craig

I caught up with Bent Harris from renowned band Just Jinjer after the release of their latest album, ‘Everything Since Then’. We chatted about their break, their influences and what fans can expect from the band in the upcoming months.

How would you say the band’s sound has progressed with the various releases over the years?

Just Jinjer has always had a  ‘Jinjer’ sound, when Ard and Denholm and myself play together, magic has always just happened naturally. The production definitely progressed when we did the self titled album in Los Angeles.  We grew a lot once being exposed to the Los Angeles market, you can hear it in the sound of the self titled album.

Did the band’s break influence the new album and who were the main influences for the new album?

It wasn’t really a break, we all just had our own stuff going on individually.

I reckon Denholm’s production contribution really influenced the sound of the new album. We experimented with a lot of electronic sounds and weren’t scared of anything that wasn’t in our comfort zone. We all had a say in the writing and the direction of each track, it all came together really quickly.

Why did you choose the name ‘Everything Since Then’ for the new album?

It was a title that just made sense to us. (A little play on words to the Jinjer fans that will remember our album ‘Something For Now’ )

How many songs did you write before you came up with the ones that are on the album?

Ard had 6 songs he brought to the table and the other 6 we wrote produced from scratch in the studio. Pretty much wrote, recoded and tracked a new song every day.

Did you do anything off the wall while in studio?

We just approached each day in the studio whiling to try anything and not be scared no matter how weird or out there the sounds seemed.

Do you have a favourite track off the’ Everything Since Then’? If so, why is it your favourite?

‘Love Anyone’ first new song we wrote and produced together on EST, beautiful Piano track.

I reckon it’s a hit in the making.

What are you most excited about regarding touring the new album?

Using the new electronic Roland Sampler has been pretty exciting for me. The new songs are kicking ass! People are loving the new Jinjer tracks.

Last but not least, what can fans expect next from Just Jinjer?

More exclusive shows, making the live experience even more special. Can’t wait!


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