Interview: The Plastics

Photo Credit - Jason Paul Hermann

Photo Credit – Jason Paul Hermann

I caught up with Karl Rohloff from The Plastics to talk all things new and exciting as well as find out more about their latest release, ‘In Threes’.

How would you say the band’s sound has progressed with the various releases over the years?

It’s definitely grown up and become a lot more refined, which I guess reflects our development as people. It’s gone Black Label to Merlot.

Who were the main influences for the new album?

Indie, electronica and psych bands mostly, with a smattering of 60’s good times and a dash of funk.

Why did you choose the name ‘In Threes’ for the album?

The number 3 just kept coming up whenever we thought about the album, and where the band finds ourselves at (third full length, third incarnation of the band, recorded in three cities, etc)

How many songs did you have to write before you came up with the ones that are on the album?

A ton. For In Threes and Pyramid before it, we wanted to write as many songs as possible, to be able to give ourselves a decent sized pool to work with, and a cohesive sounding album. You can’t do this if you record the first 10 that you write. We also love jamming together and writing songs, so it’s a joy rather than a slog for us.

Did you do anything off the wall whilst in studio?

We used flowers and marbles as percussion for one of the tracks.

Do you have a favourite track off the album?

Alona is the one we’d probably all agree on. It really was a catalyst for how the album unfolded, as we knew we had a direction to head in once we’d written it. It’s a different kind of song for us as well as it’s pretty mellow and slow, but still has a groove that moves through it.

Why did you choose to release the album for free?

We want to get it out to as many people as possible, simple. We also took quite a while on this one, so it’s a nice thing to be able to give the fans. They deserve it for waiting so long!

What would you like to achieve in the music industry?

Traveling and recording and gigging at various places around the world. It’s one of the joys of being in a band, and you get to see so many places you probably wouldn’t if you weren’t a musician. There’s a bunch of producers we’d LOVE to work with as well.

Last but not least, what is next for The Plastics?

We’re writing some new songs, looking to the next release. There are also a couple of music videos in the works that are looking AMAZING from the footage I’ve seen so far. We’re looking to expand our horizons a bit more overseas as well, particularly in America.

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