Sponsored Video. UEFA Champions League Tour. Heineken Style.

What do you get when you take some ardent football fans, a hotel room and then add some hidden cameras, oh and the Champions League Cup? Just about the funniest video you will see in awhile.

Heineken did brilliantly on this simple albeit amazing campaign. The surprised fans couldn’t believe their eyes and then when they realised it was true promptly went crazy. You know, jumping about, putting the Cup on their heads. And taking lots of photos. Naturally.

It made for such fun viewing, all to celebrate the launch of the 2012 UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour. Heineken will send the Trophy across the world, with its first exotic destination Mexico City before it moves on to Guadalajara. Then the Trophy will start its African journey travelling from Dar-es-Salaam to Mombasa and Nairobi and ending its tour in Shanghai, China. As the Trophy travels around the world, fans will be able to take photos with the legendary cup, thanks to Heineken.

Accompanying the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour this year will be two Heineken legendary ambassadors – former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar who will be with the Trophy in Mexico and former Dutch legend Ruud Gullit who will be travelling with the Trophy in Kenya and Shanghai.

Things will only get better for football fans around the world as this year’s UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour launch brings football fans around the world closer to action enabling them to interact with Heineken and the tournament. As it gets closer to the final, fans will be offered legendary experiences. Keep an eye out for the Trophy on its way to you. It is going to be one amazing tour.

p.s. Heineken sponsored this post because they believe in rewarding the dedication of football fans across the world.

p.p.s. It is known to set the hearts of many of the world’s top footballers aflutter. It is the UEFA Champions League anthem mixes elements from the three official UEFA languages: English, French and German. It was written by British composer Tony Britten, a graduate of the Royal College of Music. Commissioned in 1992 to devise a piece in the style of George Frideric Handel, the iconic recording of Britten’s piece is performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and sung by the Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields Chorus. Don’t you just love it?

p.p.s. This video is sponsored too. Isn’t it just amazing?


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