RAMfest. 5 City Ticket Giveaway.

RAMfest has always been up there as one of South Africa’s premier music festivals and this year things just got a bit more exciting. Think 5 cities. 5 days and a line-up sure to blow more than a few minds. Oh you know, just the likes of AWOLNation, Infected Mushroom, Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence, Netsky, Haezer and Das Kapital to name a few. Amazing, I know.  Yes, all that awesomeness condensated into one day. Yes, it will phenomenal. Trust me.

Just last weekend  the hunt for the RAMfest Lifetime Ticket  took place in Port Elizabeth and Bloem, and next week sees Cape Town, Joburg and Durban. Now, if you’re not lucky enough to have yet won that amazing ticket and haven’t thought about startng the hunt yet, don’t despair, I have a solution.

I have six tickets to give away to you lovelies to any of the Ramfest events across the country. All you have to do to win is comment on this post with your name, Twitter handle, email address, why you need that ticket and the city that you want a ticket for.  It is really that simple.

p.s. I’m only giving one ticket to each winner, so get your friends to enter too. Oh and the competition will run until Friday, the 24th of February so get going!

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  1. Danielle wrote:

    I really need a ticket to RamFest because pay day is so far away, and I don’t want tickets to sell out until then. I also suffer from severe FOMO (fear of missing out) so if I don’t get a ticket I will have to find other ways and means of sneaking into the festival, which could result in my arrest, in turn needing bail money (which I don’t have). Essentially not winning a ticket has dire consequences and could result in me sitting in jail for…well who knows how long :p Oh and I’m in Jozi.

  2. Tayasaurus wrote:

    If i were to win a glorious ticket to the Wonderousness that is RAMfest, apart from screaming like a banshee and breaking out into a rather tasty tribal dance.
    I need this ticket ever so badly as I have no cash and If I didn’t receive a ticket I fear I would be thrust forth into the dark abyss that is any place but RAMfest.

    In order to persuade you (sexual persuasion is always a second option if this fails) I have enlisted what I shall be doing on the frabjious day that is the 10th of March 2012.

    Upon my entry to the gates of the wonderful Riversands Farm, I would greet each and every person with a joyous “HELLO” followed by a brisk handshake and possibly even a hug. Then I would make my way to the various stages and dance like my mother raised me. Shaking my hands in the air, stomping like I just don’t care, because that good people, is how I roll.
    However, to the artists that I am especially looking forward to, in no order of favoritism: Niskerone (SWEET BABY NIPPLES), Double Adapter (because they don’t give a fuck. And they are just SO GOSH DARN WONDERFUL!), Infected Mushrooms (because they’re some crazy Israeli bitches who make heart wrenching tunes) and Inflames (I hate metal but these guys just know how to make a gal shake her head like there be some stale weave up in der, cho know what I’m saying) I will probably die for some time, only to be res-erected by their beautiful beats.

    I will bow down to the great makers of this event as well as the great being who (possibly) gives me this ticket (you), and yell a hearty “Hallelujah” and send you wishes of fertility and success.

    Yours Faithfully
    Female Serbian Jesus
    (Johannesburg PLEASE)

  3. Mark Norman wrote:

    Mark Norman
    I need a ticket because Inflames is going to be LIFE CHANGING. And if i don’t i might actually die. You don’t want to be responsible for that do you?
    Cape Town

  4. soulassasin26 wrote:

    I need to get the ticket so that my mind can go up Inflames while I jam to Infected Shroomz and scream Fokofpoliesiekar my nation is Awol biatches! Plus it was my bday last week, wud make 4 a special present! And I’m hands down the biggest Inflames fan in all of jhb, I’ll bare-knuckle fight someone for it, bring it mofos! Jhb plz and thx!!!!!

  5. Laura wrote:

    I’m @DiscordianKitty, and I need that ticket for Cape Town because RAMfest always has the best memories for me and this year will be nothing but bleak if I don’t get to go.

  6. Matthew Hirst wrote:

    Twitter handle: @hirstm
    City: Cape Town

    Reason for needing the ticket:
    I need this ticket because I need to wub the f#$k out to Netsky, mosh the f#$k out to inflames, trip the f#$k out to infected mushroom and sail the f#$k along with AWOLNATION!

  7. stormo wrote:

    Plain and simple, this concert is the best of all. I already have my bag packed and all I need to fill it is that missing ticket. Almost every artist is a hair rasing act, I am extremely excited!! Please would you do me the favour and honour me with your ticket! :D
    (Cape town )

  8. Tim Bland wrote:

    My reason for needing a ticket is simple: I sold a kidney to get to the last RAMfest, and (apparently) I need the other one to continue functioning normally. This is tricky, since I was banking on flogging it to buy a ticket this year.

    I checked on the interwebs to confirm, and it’d appear that it is so.

    I even checked on how long I’d last without kidneys, and it seems that I wouldn’t even make it past 1/2 way thru Shadowclub’s set before I keeled over and shuffled off this mortal coil. (And that’s if I have the kidney removal surgery in the parking lot, just as Newtown Knife Gang begins…)

    This saddens me no end, since I would not be able to live with myself if I was to miss this year’s RAMfest – my one remaining kidney notwithstanding.

    I think you see my predicament.

    So, please, hook me up?


    Tim Bland

  9. I. need. ramfest. ticket. Am plotting escape from the institution on 09 March 2012, at 23h00. Will make way thru to riversands. they’ll never find me there. need. ticket. otherwise imha gonna stab this here nurse to death with mah tofu spoon…

    From Benoni

  10. I love In Flames about as much as dolphins love the ocean. I’m so excited that they are coming to South Africa my head almost explodes when I think about it. I’m so broke though so I need some help. I’m in Bloemfontein (which means my life sucks- no offense Bloemfonteiners), but I’d travel to Joburg in a heartbeat for RamFest. Please help a brother out! I’ll wash your car for at least three months!

  11. I need the ticket cause never in my life will I get another oppertunity like this, to see such great bands in our own country we call South Africa! Its an once in a lifetime experience thats not to be missed! But anyone that has a hint of good taste in them will know!
    I recently(14 Feb) used my last money to finish my chest piece I have been working on for a while and now I’m broke! But the tattoo was a great investment. It is a full chest piece with an old school mic, some music bars and a banner that reads “Music is my Religion”. If i dont win this ticket and miss this festival it would seem that I dont give a shit about my “religion”, thats why I need this!

    Desmond Klopper
    Johannesburg please!

  12. lelo wrote:

    I have to win, hell I NEED to win :) its a situation between life and death not just for me but for the event itself every event needs its biggest fan by its side that’s just a known fact so are u really going to deprive ramFest of the blessings of my presence? Really I need this ticket not just for me but also ramfest…u don’t want to be responsible of keeping apart what was meant to be. Really have to see in flames there’s no other way around it.

  13. Kristian wrote:

    This is more than just a plea for assistance, it’s more than just a hopeful stab into the metaphorical dark of competition systems. It’s a need, nay, a requirement! That I win a ticket to RAMfest Cape Town. I’ve been attending RAMfest since it was legal for me to do so, and every year it just keeps getting better and better! But last year, was a dark year…
    I could hardly stand missing out on last years event, and survived based purely on the fact that I would be seeing my favorite local acts from RAMfest soon after the event. However, nothing can replace that festival experience, and I can not think of any reason as to why losing my left testicle would be worse than missing out on RAMfest this year.
    On a more fanboy related note, In Flames are the fathers of melodic metal, a genre I have listened to and loved since the age of 16, and needless to say, I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of In Flames for the last 6 years of my life. I CANNOT MISS THEM!
    This years line up is just too good to miss out on. From Sabertooth kicking the day off, to niskeron, haezer, netsky, and everything else leading up to the moment when I meet my gods, IN FLAMES, and then the mind blowing Infected Mushrooms destroying whatever may be left of me.
    Please, with a thousand lindt chocolate brownies thrown in, please give me a ticket!

  14. Ryan Matthews wrote:

    I’m ginger, well, half-ginger which is worse. I really need this damn Ramfest ticket so I can go out and make friends, real friends, and have the extra cash to bride them with alcohol.

    I live in Cape Town. So you can imagine, a ginger in Cape Town is like being a Euro-techno loving lepar on an island of rock loving lepars. Its like being the thin kid at fat camp, the only woman over 50 in Camps Bay without botox.

    Let me make friends and get them drunk.


  15. Melissa Nel wrote:

    1. Melissa Nel

    2. @Mel_Nel

    3. melissanel11@hotmail.com

    4. Why i need the ticket? funny question that one, almost like you are trying to trick me!:) Tell me.. WHY wouldn’t i want this ticket? But thats not the question.. right:) I need this ticket because a) I have never been to RAMfest before. b) I NEED to see Netsky & Infected mushrooms. Convinced it will be 2 of the best live performances i will ever witness. A bit of both worlds, electro & trance, yesman:) c) I need a break from the tough life of a BSc student. d) Im a student. Students = poor. e) Because i will be the ultimate musical mover & shaker :D

    5. Cape Town, obviously :p

    Let it be miiiine :D

  16. Claire Reston wrote:

    Name: Claire Reston
    Twitter Handle: @Clairedasha
    Email: restonclaire@yahoo.com
    Reason: As an early birthday present for a very special friend of mine and MASSIVE In Flames fan (biggest – not size – fan i know)! :D
    City: Johannesburg.

  17. chani hamman wrote:

    I desperately want to take my friend with but both of us can’t afford it and he’s been through a really tough time I think that he really deserves it!! Awolnation is like his hero and he found a lot of inspiration throgh jeb corliss and sail

  18. Kim wrote:

    Hey! I just really really want to see InFlames and Awolnation live. My pay day happens to be the week after RamFest, which is circumstantially unfortunate, but yes, you are kind, i am willing. So send me to Ramfest JHB please. I’ll take plenty of pics for you ;) Thanks. Punk_Star.

  19. Meagen wrote:

    Meagen Critchlow

    I need this ticket for a million different reasons – mostly because I work and study full time and support myself 100% on a chinese slave labourers salary – not only can I not afford a ticket, a need a fucking break from adultville! Plus I will hug dodgy strangers due to excitement alone (dodgy strangers love hugs) – and I will scream my face off until I sound like I deep throated a cactus. And really, let’s face it – there are few things in this world more appealing than that. (apart from a burger, beer and ps3 combo maybe?)

    So yes, you do want to pick me (this is me jedi mind tricking you – kind of)

  20. Meagen wrote:

    And I live in Johannesburg.

  21. Larissa wrote:

    Twitter: @shemissedaspot

    Well guys, I’ll say the same thing I always say. If you do something wrong, you’ll have ginger kids. And while I don’t mind gingers, I don’t want ginger offspring.
    This has been the worst year, and I would really like to go rock it out at RAMfest JHB, forget that my car cost me R8000 to fix, forget that I got promised a promotion that I’m not getting, forget that I was going to move out and I’m now stuck at home thanks to my car, and forget that sometimes life sucks.

    Please, save me from doing wrong, and let me go to RAMfest, so that I don’t have ginger babies.
    P.S – hope none of you are gingers.
    P.S.S – if you are, I have a ginger cat if that means anything.
    P.S.S.S – gingers are actually pretty hot.

  22. Chuck wrote:

    I am Chuck Norris.

    You will give me a ticket. Or I will not let Ramfest exist.

    The End.

    Terence Cheetham / @terencecheetham / terencecheetham@yahoo.com / Johannesburg

    P.P.S Terence Cheetham is my disguise name so the bitches don’t stalk me. Bitches love the Chuck.

  23. I really need to make this pilgrimage otherwise I may just kill somebody. I am flat broke and desperate (don’t judge me). The last year has been one big FML moment. Pretty please. Also, if I don’t go I’ll have nothing to write about for my varsity paper. Like who wants to read about yet another karaoke night at the local pub when they can read about the awesomeness that is Ramfest?! Pretty pretty please won’t you send me to the Cape Town Ramfest so that I can smile and be happy for a lil’ while?

    Twitter: @3leanore

  24. Cara wrote:

    Cara Vlok. @Vlokkie23 … I need to win a ticket, because im the only one of my friends who cant afford one!!! Im a poor student in Stellies and a free ticket would be my only way to go. Plus my boyfriend left me and im sad. Ramfest is where I will meet my soulmate (maybe its the Ginger that posted earlier, so give him a ticket as well) and therefore I need a ticket. It will cheer me up as well. :) TY in advance! Oh yess and I shall be going to Cape Town Ramfest. (If I win a ticket)

  25. Andrea Smit wrote:

    I have no sad story to tell, just the truth – this is like the 6th competition I have entered, and I have got a few more lined up! :D THAT is how bad I want to win a ticket. Please give me a ticket so I have an excuse to take off work on the Monday in Cape Town!!!! :D

  26. Steph wrote:

    In Flames is my car music-and everyone knows what that means. Only your favourite music makes it onto your car´s hit music list. I might as well start a Rock/Metal radio station. In Flames were the inspiration behind my love of metal, and since metal, especially symphonic-death-metal is a very acquired taste (as is head banging, which takes exercise to perfect and beer drinking of course), I really want to see them live! My life would be complete if I could get as close to the stage as possible and have one of the band members drop metal sweat on me!! Disgusting- but true. @Shteph_Lace from Cape Town \m/

  27. I have a story to tell..

    Yesterday while tending to my vegetable garden in the backyard of my tiny Cape Town home, a carrot levitated out of the earth and beckoned to me, looking worriedly at his small pocket watch. Following the typical nature of low-budget horror-movie characters, I followed. Before of me was a carrot hole the size of a large carrot hole.
    As I peered inside I felt a whoosh and without warning I was falling, falling, falling… Colours swirled around me and I thought I heard Infected Mushoom playing somewhere distant to the appropriately trippy visuals..

    I woke up in a black and white checked room. On the opposite wall was a a RAMFest poster and next to it a bag of papsak which had “drink me” written on it. I knew what I had to do. 30 seconds later I discarded the empty box with an obnoxious burp and felt the world swirl around me.. I was growing bigger…!!!! “I am growing bigger!” I shouted.
    “No, you’re just growing drunk” said a voice by my ear. It was the carrot. “My name is carrot” he said.
    “Yeah I suppose thats an appropriate name,” I say.
    “Thanks. Do you realise that you have drunk the sacred papsak of king Jubujuju of the RAMOUNTAINfest? He partied hard to get it that sacred.
    “Oh dear.”
    “I am responsible because I brought you here. My leaves shall roll because of this.”
    “Technically carrot leaves don’t roll-”
    “ENOUGH! There is only one way to save me. We must replace the sacred papsak of king Jubujuju of the RAMOUNTAINfest. Go forth to RAMOUNTAINFest, and make again a 5L papsak sacred.”
    “But how? I have not enough capital for carrots at Shoprite which is why I grew you, let alone a ticket!

    “Do not fear my friend. Check out Gabi’s blog and tell her your story. Have faith.”
    “I will not let you down, Carrot!”
    “I know. I would say a cliche line right now if I could think of one. Just remember to say you live in Cape Town.”
    “I know you would Carrot, I know you would…” *tears*
    “I would go forth with you but it’s at an ostrich farm and do you know how much ostriches love carrots?”.

    I desperately need a ticket to RAMFest to prevent Carrot’s excecution and use in a salad by partying the socks off my habitually oblong feet to mindlowing, world-shakingly incredible performances before it is too late!


  28. Tonio wrote:

    Well since there’s all this controversy about In Flames by scared backward religious groups, I’ll tell you exactly what I’m willing to do to see IN FLAMES live:

    I’ll go camp in front of that Bloemfontein tannie-fokken-bang-vir-alles’ house in a red and black tent and kidnap her cat (just for a little bit – *NO ANIMALS WILL BE HARMED IN THIS PLAN*)

    Then I’ll make a potjie, but make it look like a satanic ritual.. while blasting some In Flames tunes.. When she finally works up the courage to approach my “circle of satan” I’ll offer her some of my ‘special’ potjie and ask if she likes cat. Once I’ve taken a picture of her facial expression, I’ll print it and make a mask out of it, which I’ll wear while jamming to IN FLAMES at Ramfest…

    PS. I will return her cat safely (if it really wants to go back and live with a mountain-otter like that)

    All in all, I just can’t wait to lose my mind, like I have been doing every Ramfest in the past.. haven’t missed one, and have no intentions of starting anytime soon, but cash is a bit tight and I really don’t know if I’ll be able to come up with enough for the ticket by March :’(

    ROCK ON!!

    Cape Town

  29. Nick wrote:


    Cape Town

    This is now the 9th Competion I’v entered . I have won NOTHING! I have offered to eat chili, shave my hair off, run naked across stage. I have professed my undying love for In Flames… But alas, all my tear filled plea’s and blogger brown-nosing, have brought me nothing so far. I’m desperate, without a free ticket, i may not make it.. unless I manage to sell my XBOX.. which is on Gumtree for a ticket. Reach into your hearts. make like Eve and PICK ME!!! :)

  30. Caroline Rous wrote:

    Oh my goshy!!! Please please please can I get a ticket to RAMfest joburg!!! I need one!! Not only do I want to watch almost every band that will be there, I want to PARTY hard yo!! And what better way to party then to camp out at RAMfest? Please give me a ticket!! RT:@RAMfest: RAMfest Party Tip: It’s OK to start drinking early.” If I get a ticket I promise to take into account your very useful tip! Ha ha… Sooo please will you be so kind as to give me a free ticket to RAMfest joburg?? I will love you guys forever.. And ever and ever and ever …=)

  31. Kathleen wrote:

    Ramfest Cape Town last year was my first music festival ever! It was honestly the best wkend of my life! I’m broke this time round so please please pleeeaase could I get a ticket for this year! I will be the happiest person in the entire world!!!! Kathleen- hngxue001@myuct.ac.za RAMFEST CPT!!!!!!

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