Elias. Fossils.

Critically acclaimed indie rock group, Elias, made up of Brian Healy, Stefan Tavares and Rob Tornroos, have released their full length album, Fossils eariler this month.  Their top 20 hit single “All We Want” was nominated for a Casby Award and a Verge Music Award.

After a lengthy search, Jeff Dawson (Marcy Playground, Hey Ocean!) was brought onboard to produce the record. They were also able to work with our dream mixer; Grammy winner John O’Mahony (Coldplay, Metric). Their dedication to the project was glue that allowed for the record’s emotional momentum to carry forward. Furthermore, with an album that swings from light to dark, introspective to anthemic, and everywhere in between, there needs to be a centre – each person involved managed to find that balance.

They elaborate on it all “Every artist steals and builds from what their predecessors have done. The goal for us is to always put our own unique spin on things, and try and take the music in new directions. We want to improve upon, not only those who influence us, but also our former work.”

From the very start of the recording process, they swore to make a creative, original, and -most importantly – honest album. They say of it “we believe Fossils has reached those lofty goals through us refraining from compromise during the many challenges we faced.”

You can listen to the whole record and download the first single Hands and Knees for free here. Enjoy!

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