Meet my new favourite. Meet the latest signing to Despotz Records. Meet Adna from the indie capital of Sweden, that’s Gothenburg by the way.

Adna has one of the most incredible voices I have heard in a long time. She finds her inspiration in artists like Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and The Fleet Foxes, all of which clear influences on her sound.

Now, Despotz just released her first single “Corner of My Heart” which is taken from an upcoming debut EP planned for release later this spring and earlier this week they shot a music video for the new single and when she had some spare time in the studio Adna took the opportunity of shooting a one-take live video where she performs the wondeful First Aid Kid song “The Lion’s Roar’. Is it not simply magical?

p.s. Did I mention she is 17? Amazing, I know.

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