Dress Rehearsal.

“Dress Rehearsal fuses lovely bits of musical happiness, sadness + all emotions in between to deliver sounds to help you through your day.”

Dress Rehearsal is a four piece musical foundation from Toronto. The quartet, made up of Sean and Kevin Graham, Joshua Doherty and Ryan Watson, use acoustic and electric guitars, bouncing bass lines, melodic vocal harmonies, sterling percussion, and hints of atmospheric piano and synths.

Their new project The Lazy River Road, it had them working, sleeping, thinking, and behaving as one. It probably helps that two of the group are biological twins. The songs came together over a long gestation period, as they attempted to bridge the emotional gaps between happy and sad, calm and boisterous, building genuine cathartic moments.

The bonus? You can download both River Blue and Morning Grey from The Lazy River Road for free here. There is also an ongoing project of living room covers, which will be updated regularly. Think brand new covers of the Joanna Newsom song Peach Plum Pear, Scenic World by Beirut, and Beth/Rest by Bon Iver.

They are already back working in the studio on some new songs and are set to make their mark.

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