MK MVP Launch.

The trip up to the MK MVP launch in Joburgwhere the 12 South African artists, commissioned by MK to each produce a music video had theirs premièred – was an interesting one, all starting at the bar at Spur with Ashtray Electric and Helen and Kim from Motion City Films at the Cape Town airport, setting the tone for the festivities ahead.

The flight up was great,it may have taken two hours but I fell in love with Wasabi peanuts. There was a mad rush to change and get to Monte Casino where the Patron started flowing. At 6pm. After a bit mingling and meeting lovely Twitter folk the videos were screened. And yes, we managed to fill out a cinema.

Ashtray Electric was up first. Fantastic video. Paper animations. Men in suits. Simple, effective and brilliantly executed! Dance You’re on Fire was next. Think a childhood love story. Forest galore. Lovely cameos by the band. Subtle and sweet. Then Double Adaptor. Crazy/fun electro with a Resident Evil twist. You know, the usual. Have to love them!

After which it was time for Dumpie se Maat. It had the slightly dark, interesting/quirky take as always with her videos. Followed by Goodluck. An amazing, catchy song that had me doing a little jig in my seat. Loved the Chinese cat that featured in the video.  The lovely African feel throughout? Only added to the special feel of it all.

Aah, then came good old iScreamStix. There was a mad take on just about everything. Crazy/special. Have to love it. The zombie esque dance at the end especially. Them the brilliant Isochronous. An amazing song. Great video too. All heady and ethereal.

Mr Cat & The Jackal then brought their unique twist with their video, moody and intense. Then it was time for the sublime Lark. With a Haezer take on it all. The video wasn’t complete but promised to be exciting and different.

I promised The Frown would be your new favourite, video and band wise and a look at their video proves me correct. Right? Right.

All in all the videos showcased the incredible talent of the artists, the well-known and the up and comers as well as the magical touches of the production houses. Phenomenal job by all.

Now, which do you like best?

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