David Guetta. South African Tour. 2011.

I’ve always had a very soft spot for David Guetta, since the 2002 ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go’ to his later break through songs and smash hits. He has worked with just about every well known artist from long time collaborator Chris Willis to the most recent, Snoop Dogg, amassing  a slew of hit songs along the way. He has also sold has over three million albums and 15 million singles worldwide.

Now David Guetta is coming to South Africa and coming with him is an African sensation in his own right Akon. The tour will take place on the 14th and 15th of October at the St Yves Music Festival and supporting acts include two renowned US DJs – Joe Bermudez and DJ Jenny LaFemme and our very own Jax Panik and DJ Dean Fuel.

You can get your tickets here.

On a scale of one to beyond excited just how excited are you? I know I can’t wait.

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  1. Richard wrote:

    I seldom use foul language online but FUCKING-A!

  2. Sheri Lee wrote:

    Oh cool, also loved that song like crazy! Sweet

  3. jermy wrote:

    Pleaseeeeee let him come to Durban I beg u plEeeeeeeaaase

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