YouTube Sensation. Meet Noah Guthrie.

Meet my new favourite seventeen year old. Meet  Noah Guthrie. Don’t be fooled by his sweet bespectacled face, he harbours a voice that is simply magical. This singer/songwriter from South Carolina is breath of fresh air.  His cover of Mumford and Sons, presided over by cows has to be  my favourite venue yet.

His sound is organic, original, soulful with just a hint of quirkiness he is set to go far. You will be seeing more of him. It’s a fact.

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  1. Markus wrote:

    His voice is amazing. From what I’ve heard until now, my favorite is the “Tears In Heaven” cover.
    He has just gained a new fan. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. [...] sure doesn’t disappoint. The other is from my favourite two YouTube stars of the moment, Noah Guthrie and Christina Grimmie. It’s fresh, raw and shows just how talented those two [...]

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