Ubuntu Mash Up.

Gum boot dancers dressed up like neon ninja’s, adding the licks off their boots to the beats of live afro House. Or a traditional African harmony group adding their deep vocals to a tribal techno rhythm. Caring Clowns, fire performers, video art installations, inventive puppets, and a class act of fun, improvisational local bands and DJs doing Balkan, Electro, African, Folk, Techno and Reggae performances.

Ubuntu Mash Up will be a year long process of musical which culminates at the Afrika Burns creative arts festival. Here these various community groups will come together and transform the canvass of the Karoo desert into a powerful symbol of Ubuntu and joint African creativity. At the annual festival, which is quickly becoming one of the most unique and exciting events on the calendar, groups manifest creative visions in the spirit of radical self expression, self sufficiency and community building. The divisions of race, class and age all fall away as people blend into a symphony of colour, movement and sound.

To experience the vibrancy head to the new Zula bar on Monday the 8th of August at 9pm. It’s R 40 if you dress up, R 50 if not and there are prizes rizes for the best dressed!


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