Commercial Music is Dead. Haezer discussion.

“Is it commercial when people buy it?  or is it commercial when it’s shitty music made for MASS appeal?” -  Haezer.

Haezer took to Facebook to discuss music. He says “Here’s just a little scribble to think about, since I’ve started making music under Haezer think I’ve sold like 100 tracks.  I have 79 000 hits on Youtube for my song Dominator, but hardly sold any of the remixes or original(of dominator that is) on Beatport.

Now, this is the interesting part, the general feeling I get from fans is this.”Dude, we’re not gonna pay for your tracks, because we’ll pay to see you live” and I get that. My argument is this.  How will you ever see artists if promoters don’t want to book them?  I know I’ve had quite a few tours around Europe and Australia.  But that was crazy hard work from my manager’s side and the faith of promoters that I will put up a good show. But generally, artists get booked according to their releases.  If you’re in the Beatport top 10 then promoters will look you up and book you.  I’m not saying all promoters.  But it definitely doesn’t hurt…”

He says “So, my question is.  Is that statement still viable?  Is it really okay to never buy an artist’s work? The other answer I get is…well dude, you’re the anti-commercial guy…you can’t expect people to buy your music. .”

He goes on to say “I thought of this today, because my new E.P is out on Beatport and I was wondering if it’ll ever make it in the top 10…there’s already a link where you can download the original in 320kbps.  It’s on Fix Up if you were wondering… again. that was posted without my consent…” He adds “None of this is offense or hardcore statements…I’m just throwing around some questions and am very curious to see what peeps have to say…Lemme know.  let the opinions be spread.”

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