Jay Z and Kanye West. H.A.M.

Hard as a Motherfucker. aka H.A.M. That’s what Jay Z and Kanye are proclaiming themselves to be. And they are. Hip Hop heavyweights. The duo have recorded a joint album, ‘Watch The Throne’, which is expected to be released in March and is one of the most highly anticipated┬á of the year, for me at least. Putting those two in a studio together will result in nothing short of brilliance. With an insane touch of course.

As for their first single, H.A.M, it is sonic sound scape, with a Gothic feel, further highlighted by the album artwork. Oh what has been described as “angels dying” in the middle of the song. Overall, I like it. It’s eccentric. It’s Jay Z and Kanye. What exactly did you did you expect?


yours in musical madness

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  1. Sick track! Can’t wait for the album

  2. musicalmover wrote:

    I know! neither can I – it’s going to be phenomenal.

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