Top albums of 2010.

To end off 2010 on an interesting note I roped in two of my favourite musicians, Will Mono and Rudi Cronje – of Ashtray Electric – to share with you their Top 3 albums of the year and why of course they decided on them.

Will Mono’s Top 3 Albums of the year are:

The Naked & Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You

One of the most exciting and happy accidents to happen to my ears this year. They sound like MGMT, the XX & The Drums all in one.  Every single song evokes some serious emotions – in my groin – which is a good thing! Young blood and punching in a dream being my favorite songs on the album.

Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Wow!!! This album contains jazz, electronic, folk & dance influences that are all blended together in a flawless and perfect way. It takes my mind to other galaxies with its shear beauty and simple arrangements.

Broken Bells – Broken Bells

This album is the love child of  Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton and James Mercer, lead singer and guitarist of The Shins. Its is a dark little album with lots of head nodding beats and dark melodies. New wave + synth + experimental+ light rock = a fascinating musical experience.

Rudi Cronje’s Top 3 Albums of the year are:

Grinderman 2
Someone gave me the first Grinderman album as a present just after it came out. Being a Nick Cave fan already, it was hard to understand why this particular album was so hard to put down. Something just hooked me. Then this one got released this year and needless to say it’s a masterpiece. From the cover artwork to the irreverent subjects Cave growls about so nonchalantly.

Interpol – Interpol

It’ no news that I’ve always been a fan of this band. Ironically, the guy that gave me ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ is the same guy that gave me Grinderman. I heard two singles off the album pre-release and wasn’t impressed at all. I was actually quite disappointed. When the self-produced album came out, I gave it a listen and all preconceived ideas about it fell horribly flat. What I love about Interpol is they make albums, not singles. In a world filled with the next big single around every corner, it’s nice to have an album that in Paul Banks’ own words ‘take you on a cruise’.

Vampire Weekend – Contra

I’m probably going to get killed for this album, but I still like it. I used to listen to a lot of Paul Simon when I braai, and Vampire Weekend just gave me a newer version or an extension so to speak. Guess I’m trying to say that this is good braai album. Or is that background music?

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