Lady Gaga Challenged To $1 Million TV Singing Contest.

Alisa Apps is one brave girl. Why you ask? This singer – who has yet to release an album – has challenged Lady Gaga to a $1 million televised sing off to take place at either Madison Square Garden in New York or London’s O2 Arena. Clearly she’s trying for her 15 minutes of fame and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if Gaga a) couldn’t sing or b) if  she decided to take her up on the challenge. Personally I think it’d be a brilliant way for Gaga to silence her critics and for what’s-her-name to stop all her speculation.

p.s. I love Gaga and know she’s got a set of pipes on her. Fact of the day.


yours in musical madness

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  1. Yeah, lady!… you tell ‘em. I got your back.

  2. musicalmover wrote:

    Good to know! Got one on my team. Yeeeah! Gaga love.

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