Kanye West. Lost in The World.

So there’s been a sneaky leak of Kanye West’s new song, ‘Lost in The World’ wherein he samples Bon Iver’s ‘Woods’.  I love Bon Iver and Kanye does this song full justice. It’s typical Kanye style with enough auto-tune and styling which faintly reminds me of ‘Power’. Even with just this sneak peak of ‘Lost in The World’ – which is rumoured to change with further collaborations before the album drops –  it further cements my belief of West as one of the most prominent and talented rappers out there.


yours in musical madness

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  1. Jeaush, the record label was quick on that one. Stripped it down from the internet ONE TIME! Saw the preview for it at the VMA’s…looked pretty darn cool.

  2. musicalmover wrote:

    They did indeed but another video has popped up just as quickly in it’s place. Oh the internet, what a glorious place. It is pretty darn cool, not gonna lie.

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