Meet Richard Jay. Rising Star.

Kids these days. They all seem to be ridiculously talented. Take Richard Jay for example, this 17 year old rising British pop star writes all his own music, plays, sings, records and produces it all himself. His is making great waves in the music industry with his “blend of pop, electro and heartfelt balladry”.

Richard decided to start making music as “it’s a passion, that’s the best way to describe it. I got my first guitar when I was about 5 and I remember writing songs, well kind of songs, about being a cowboy, you know just being the general cool kid that I am” he laughs and says “when I turned 13 it just turned in to this thing where I completely fell in love with music, my mum booked me in to a recording studio for my birthday and I went in totally unprepared and came out with this cool (at the time) song which is now very cheesy looking back on it.”

The story of how he shot to fame is an interesting one. He admits it “was weird when it first started happening” He elaborates “I got played on 2 radio stations in a week and I was just kind of shocked! I remember getting a phone call from a friend screaming “you’re on the radio!” and then a day later I got an email from the BBC saying they were playing one of my songs on BBC Northants, it was then that I just got this huge response from everyone, the station told me they were flooded with emails from listeners asking for more details about me… I’d just love to say thank you to those people. My Myspace suddenly had more than 80,000 hits in about a week and it was then that interest from other people in the industry began coming in. It was so surreal…”

Calvin Harris and Dallas Austin called Richard “one of the most notable new pop talents to look out for…” He feels “it really is an honour to be referred to like that and I am such a huge fan of both of them” As for the raised expectations regarding his music  he says ” I’m sure some people would expect more but I think as long as you’re making music with the best intentions and you’re making music that means something to you, people are going to respond well to it…. or at least I hope so.”

Richard featured in the new Converse shoes global initiative campaign in which they promote new young upcoming talented artists He explains of it “it’s been quite a cool experience, it was the first time I actually got paid for an interview so I was like “yeah!” but it’s been a great way of getting people to notice me and my music.”

He writes, produces and records his tracks, he explains “I love being in the studio. I feel like I have to be involved in every part of the production as every part effects the total outcome of the sound, so it’s a great feeling when the song’s done.” As for off the wall antics in studio he explains there aren’t any “not really” anyway He adds “I just really like to focus on the task at hand so once I’m into the music that’s it.

He is working on new material and constantly spending time in the studio, he explains “there’s a certain mind set I get into where I have to do a song, but I can come back to the same song a few minutes later and hate it and be like ” what was that? ” and start all over again.”  He is also “hopefully working with some awesome and talented artists very soon.”

As to what he would you like to achieve in the music industry, it’s a simple case of “world domination!” He laughs and continues “I’d like for people to respond well to my music and be like ‘yeah this is something different, this is cool’..”

He recently played at The Umbrella Fair and as for a standout moment that happened where “some guy was reaching up to me, either trying to reach me or trying to steal my laptops” he laughs and adds “so I reached back and almost pulled him on stage. The end was great, people were dancing and it was just a great moment and a great feeling to give people that enjoyment. “His favourite thing about performing has to be “the reaction from the crowd, that’s the best thing there is when performing, as long as it’s a good reaction it gives you a real high and it’s just the most amazing feeling!”

Last but not least, what one thing would he like people to know about him is that “I’m a Batman fanatic! He pauses and adds “That’s probably more of a weird fact; I grew up on those movies, if you ever want to buy me a present, make it Batman related!”

Jay is set to go places! Keep an eye out for him.

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