Sunday Girl.

Jade Williams is Sunday Girl. The name’s not a reference to the Blondie song, by the way. It’s a nickname earned by working at a pet shop before she left school to study set design at Wimbledon College of Art. “I worked every Sunday but nobody knew my name so they just called me Sunday Girl…” She explained to The Guardian.

She’s working on her debut album  with producers such as Diplo and Jim Elliot – a favourite of Kylie and Ladyhawke and is set to make it big. Her enchanting cover of ’80s disco classic “Self Control” made famous by Laura Branigan is proof of that.

Friends Electric took her slightly melancholy sound and turned it into an electronic, synth fuelled rave tune with their remix of ‘Self Control’.

MP3 Download: Sunday Girl “Self Control” (Friends Electric Remix)


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