Fokofpolisiekar, Wake To Wonder, The Runs and Baarmoedergevoel at Assembly.

So Fokofpolisiekar recently hosted a little awesome competition where three lucky bands would be chosen to open for them at Assembly, Cape Town on the 3rd of July. The chosen bands are: Wake To Wonder, The Runs and Baarmoedergevoel.

So we all know Fokof. As for the others? Not so much.

First up is Wake To Wonder. They do a lovely cover of Kings Of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody. They remind me a bit of Seether, if Seether listened to a lot of Kings Of Leon. They mix “melodic and screamo vocals with powerhouse drums, in-your-face guitar melodies and dynamic bass riffs.” Sound good? Well they are.

Meet The Runs. You have to be a pretty good band to have a name like that. I Googled them and found anything but their music but when Google fails there’s always Facebook. Which worked. They draw “influences from blues, funk, hip hop and various other genre’s.” The end result being an “energetic groove based rock sound with a punk attitude.” Lovely!

Last but not least meet Baarmoedergevoel. Their music is a “blend of melodic guitars, funky bass lines and creative drumming and the band has been described as a blend between Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters.” Since I couldn’t find them on Myspace, Facebook or Youtube and their songs wouldn’t stream on their site I’ll have to take their word for it.

If Fokof as well as three up and coming new bands aren’t enough, the music video for Fokofpolisiekar’s latest single, “Tussen Die Krake” will be screened. You can get your tickets here.

See you there!


yours in musical madness

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