You can’t have enough vuvuzela songs or anthems. Right?

Grandstands will creak and shudder. Supposedly invented to scare baboons away from remote African villages, the mass-produced vuvuzela makes the kind of noise you’d expect to hear if you had a hippo in a headlock.

You can’t have enough vuvuzela songs or anthems right? right. Well, StrayPlay decided to get in the vuvu action and have a nice little treat for you in the form of Vuvuzela Anthem.The video shows various clips of South Africans and their vuvzelas. Some of it’s funny, some of it is cute and some of it just plain unique. You can even hear real vuvzelas being blown in the background. I could have been hearing real vuvuzelas since Portugal annihilated North Korea  today. Or it could have a part of the song.  Who knows? All I know is the loud, incessant sound of the vuvuzela isn’t going away anytime soon. Get used to it!

yours in musical madness

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  1. Steven Rossi wrote:

    Haha that is fantastic.

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