Volume Rock Fest 3 – Join the Herd.

Volume Rock Fest 3 will be taking place on Friday the 7th of May in Potchefstroom. Everyone will be getting down in, around and about Pablo’s (and the change of venue promises to make the party warmer, charmer and less “farmer”).

The organizers in all their wisdom thought that since everyone behaves like wild animals, you might as well dress as, well, animals. Think sexy little Bambi-lashes-on-steroid-mascara and Rocknoceroses parading their horns around…

The boogie-ing will start off at 16:00 with the likes of Ryno Velvet, Fire Through the Window, Dans Dans Lisa, Taxi Violence, Tidal Waves and Ashtray Electric and continue well into the morrow with some proper dancing and prancing to the beat of Doctor Khumalo, Moe Joe and Peter Rocka.

I have 3 sets of double tickets to give away. Awesome I know. All you have to do is tell me what animal you’d dress up as and why.

Get going!


yours in musical madness


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  1. Pieter wrote:

    Hola Gabi!
    I’m coming dressed as a big fat pig, cause i’m putting anything filthy enough in my mouth, there’s no room for kosher here! Gluttony it shall be, till the morning we shall see!! hells yeah. I’ll blend in with all the dirty swine, put their hands in mine, when the beats start pounding, beasts start growling, it’s gonna be divine!

  2. jarred b wrote:

    I’ll dress up as a dinosaur… Coz what rocks harder than a fossil?? :)

  3. marijke wrote:

    im coming as an elephant, cuz theres junk in my trunk after snorting all that funk!

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