Win with AC/DC and Iron Man 2.


As I once mentioned “Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau is such a fan of AC/DC that they are responsible for the entire soundtrack for the film. Yes. The entire soundtrack. 

This all came about through a unique collaboration between Marvel Studios and Columbia Records. AC/DC:  Iron Man 2, features 15 classic AC/DC songs selected from ten of the band’s studio albums, ranging from 1976 to 2008. The soundtrack has been said to be something akin to a collection of the bands greatest hits.” 

Here’s a treat for all you AC/DC fans. I have 1 of AC/DC Backtracks – The Ultimate AC/DC Box Set and 5 Collectors Edition of the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack to give away. Now if that doesn’t tickle your fancy I’m not sure what will. 


The AC/DC Backtracks – The Ultimate AC/DC Box Set contains: 

Five discs of rare AC/DC in one brand new, never-before-released collection: 

1CD of Studio rarities 

2 CDs of Live rarities 

2DVDs: Family Jewels Disc 3 + bonus videos & Live at Circus Krone in Munich, 

180g LP of Studio rarities 

164 page 12”x12” hard-back scrapbook-style book, 

Loads of collector’s items and it’s all contained in a working guitar amp. 

All you have to do is comment and tell me why you’d like either The Ultimate AC/DC Box Set or 1 of 5 Collectors Edition of the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack by April 19th. 

Simple enough right? If it were possible I’d enter this competition but I can’t. You however can. So get to it! 


yours in musical madness 

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  1. Clark Walt wrote:

    I have been a massive fan of AC/DC since the age of 12 when Ballbreaker was released and haven’t stopped playing (on guitar) and singing to my favourite rock tunes.

    I have even dressed up as Angus young on occassions at Live shows to show my support to AC/DC and played cover songs by them… This would make such a great addition to my life… :)

  2. Darryn wrote:

    Oh wow, what a prize. Have been a massive AC/DC for absolute ages, and that box set would be such a treat to own :)

  3. Brett Schewitz wrote:

    I think my brain just exploded. Seriously. Must.have.AC/DC.boxset. Why?! BECAUSE IT’S AC/DC and they’re amazing and i love boxsets and it’s beautiful and it’s a freaking guitar amp! Seriously! Is there anything cooler? If there is it’s not discovered yet. Gotta have this. Please please please pleeeeeease :D (I can’t do a wider grin than this. This will have to do). Ps – AWESOME! PPS – Gotta have please!

  4. Elisma wrote:

    i will kiss your feet, stroke your hair and massage your stiff neck for the AC/DC boxset and while i’m doing this, we’ll have The Razor’s Edge on repeat.

    Are you ready for a good time? Yes indeed.

    Pretty please, with Bon Scott’s on top, give it to me!

  5. Elisma wrote:

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, promise.

  6. Brett Schewitz wrote:

    dirty deeds for free :D

  7. Brendan wrote:

    We all know Moneytalks, but when your an 18 year old, fresh out of high school and headin’ to university, you realise you won’t be able to buy the new limited edition AC/DC backtracks box, because you’ll end up with a nervous shakedown from a landslide of homework. So you stick around, ride the highway to hell and dream of show business because we know it ain’t no fun waitin’ around to be a millionaire!

    That’s right, I’ve grown up with AC/DC since a very early age, appreciating the greatest of rock & roll, with AC/DC – my all time favourite band! My dad has long been an AC/DC fan ever since they played a gig in late 1976 that he was lucky enough to shake a leg to. We even have a completely signed custom Gibson SG that hangs on the wall and collects dust.

    I would like to enter the ac/dc backtracks ultimate box set, this is the greatest AC/DC collection of all time!!! Hell, this is the GREATEST COLLECTION of all time! It may be a long way to the top, but AC/DC have been there all along! (Sorry KISS, second place – Rock on!) With this I could wrench the Legendary guitar that is a ‘collectors item’ off the wall, plug ‘em in and get it up, all night long!!!!!

    For those who began rocking in 1973, we salute you!

  8. Lee Jacobs wrote:

    Though you are asking that we tell you why we would like either set, I am afraid that I can’t do that. “Like” just isn’t strong enough to let you know how much I would appreciate either of these awesome sets. I already have a space reserved and my poor little stereo is resting up for the marathon session should I be ever so lucky enough. Do CD’s wear out? I will be the first to tell you!
    For what you are doing, YOU ROCK! for AC/DC – THEY ROCK! Iron Man? Hey – HE ROCKS TOO (TWO)!!!! Tony Stark may have successfully privatized defense, but AC/DC successfully got the rockin’ world rollin’ in the first place!

  9. Lee Jacobs wrote:

    So… I should pay shipping from South Africa ?? ;^)

  10. Brendan wrote:

    Good Luck Everyone!

  11. Kristin wrote:

    I’m 27-years-old and a die hard AC/DC fan. In my dad’s house, there was nothing but. I would take either one and be rocking out all night. I’m a true fan, not one of these teeny-boppers that started liking it lately when it became ‘cool.’

  12. Erica wrote:

    Capow! Would be great to get the Iron Man 2 Soundtrack!!

  13. Mark wrote:

    I have been waiting since Backtracks was realesed for it! My family and I are currently unable to raise enough money for it, what with bills and the eonomy. I have asked for Backtracks for my birthday and for Christmas, and still haven’t gotten it. So please, kind person, I will get on my knees and beg, just, can I have the Backtracks?

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