D is for Delightful. Free tickets to Lark.

Lark is making their offering of “a sonic delight” available to all those at the Assembly this Saturday, the 13th of March, along with a line up from The Gods, She Man Lion to one of my favourite DJ’s, HAEZER and more.

Are you excited? I know I am.

I happen to have gotten my grubby paws hands on 2 tickets for you, yes you. All you have to do is comment and tell me why you’d like to see such an impressive line up.

Now go!


yours in musical madness

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  1. Arthur wrote:

    My last big party b4 I head on to Namibia for a month, so hook me up with the tickets please!!!!

  2. Jessica wrote:

    I think I am inlove with Lark and would allow Inge to have my children… Ok no, for real. I didn’t get to go to Ramfest, and the only reason I really wanted to go was to see them. Aparently they are breaking up, but keep having these re-union shows. I want to go to as many as I can before it becomes final! No more Lark?! What the #$%*!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME, PICK ME! Oh, and I’m broke…

  3. Hayley wrote:

    Purely because they are too amazing to describe, and I’m too broke and jobless to describe, if you give me the tickets i promise to draw you something amazing.

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