Jack Parow is Cooler than You.

Jack Parow is Cooler than You.

Read it and believe it. Jack Parow is cooler than you and he has the kiefness to prove it, 27 764  fans on Facebook and 24 250 fans for the song Cooler as Ekke; now that’s impressive stuff.

His kiefness has also translated into his self-titled album, which will be out at end of March. He is set to collaborate with Inge Beckman (Lark), Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar & Van Coke Kartel), Die Heuwels Fantasties and others on this album. Are you ready for it?

You can also look for an online video game (yes, a online video game-can you get any cooler)? If that’s not enough he also has a high budget music video for Dans Dans Dans ft Francois van Coke in store.

Floating around on the interwebs is ‘A tribute to Jack Parow, Witbank Style  – Damduikers’. The saying seeing is believing is evident in this case. You have to check it out!

His kiefness is rubbing off internationally: WKDU 91.7 FM is playing Parow in Philadelphia and so is 3 FM in Holland. Record labels from America, Europe and Australia are interested in signing Jack Parow and coolest of all Mike Diamond from the Beastie Boys thinks his tunes are kief.

You might want to head to one of his upcoming gigs (just so you can say you’ve seen him and his crazy hats):

6 March -   Ramfest,  Jhb

10 March – Cool Runnings, Boxburg

11 March – Cool Runnings, Jhb

12 March – Back 2 Basics, Jhb

13 March – Prawn Fest, Cape Town

19 March – Your LMG Party, Mercury

26 March – Blizzards , Cape Town

30 April -    Robertson, Cape town


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  1. Making more waves in international waters… me thinks the floodgates have finally opened!

  2. musicalmover wrote:

    Agreed! It’s also been widely agreed that he has more staying power than Die Antwoord and things are looking up. plus he’s just kief.

  3. Will wrote:

    Ey man what about VANDERBIJLPARK??? people here love him, and would love to see him live!!!!

  4. Simon wrote:

    A game? I’ve always wanted to see Afrikaans games though. Could he start a trend?

  5. musicalmover wrote:

    I’ll find out more details about the game and get back to you, I think he could indeed start a trend-it would be rather cool if he did…

  6. Dutch wrote:

    This is going to be huge in Holland. I’m pretty sure it will be a nr 1 hit when released over here.
    Cool to see Afrikaans music taking off over here, Die Antwoord getting massive airplay.

  7. Martin wrote:

    i agree with “Dutch”. Die Antwoord, Jack’s “Cooler as Ekke” and Locnville’s “Sun in my pocket” are getting massive in Belgium too. Hope to see them at our summer festivals.

  8. musicalmover wrote:

    Good to hear that they’re making international waves!

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