Locnville break South African chart records.

“I started making music because I’m fascinated at how powerful it can be…”- Andrew Chaplin.

Locnville is New York born and South African raised twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin. They have recently has broken all South African chart records as their album ‘Sun In My Pocket’ is the first South African debut album to enter the Musica Album Charts in the Top 5 after only 4 days.

‘Sun In My Pocket’ , the Deluxe Edition, has completely new artwork and all the tracks have been re-mastered by Ministry of Sound’s Wez Clarke. It also has some remixes that haven’t, as of yet, been released, as well as a DVD that will include Locville’s music videos and their other visuals.

In an interview I did with them they said “recording the album “was great…we did the recording the day after we finished school while the Plett Rage was going on, so of course no one was in town and it gave us a chance to focus purely on the album. All in all, the album only took about 2 weeks to get done…” Their album name “Retro Electro” came about to “describe the ideology of the album.” Brian continues “ Our reasoning being that we wanted to bring back the “Retro” or “70’s” ethos of music where more thought was put into the lyrics and the music was all round more socially aware than the majority of today’s popular music. The “Electro” part was really just making the music more commercially viable for today’s pop culture. However, the Deluxe Edition that will be available in stores February 2010 is named after our debut single, Sun In My Pocket, for obvious reasons of recognition.”

Not bad at all! It shows the promise that Locnville has and the impact that they are making on the local scene.


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