My Top 10 Artists of 2009.

This year has been an interesting one, musically at least, there have been some surprising chart toppers, artists and revelations, overall 2009 has been a good one. Here are my pick of the top 10 artists for 2009. I based my decisions on both what I’ve been listening to all year as well as the rather obvious choices…

Lady gaga

1. Lady Gaga.

She has a flair for the eccentric, strange and over the top, she also has had an amazing year. 2009 belongs to her, with singles such as “Poker Face,” “Just Dance and “Paparazzi,” having all hit number one on the singles charts as well as being played in every club and on almost every radio, it just show how well she’s done.


2. Beyonce.

I must admit it was hard to choose between Lady Gaga or Beyonce for the top spot and  Lady G narrowly won. As for Beyonce, she released her album “I Am…Sasha Fierce” late last year and the spawned singles have risen to the top of the charts, most notably “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” which was nominated for a total of nine awards at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and won the award for Video of the Year. She also managed to get Jay-Z to put a “ring on it”, all in all 2009 has been a good one for her.

black eyed peas

3. The Black Eyed Peas.

The Black Eyed Peas have had a very successful year, with hit after hit. They topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 26 consecutive weeks with back-to-back singles “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling,” breaking a record that had stood since the mid-’90s. Their album The E.N.D. debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums chart and has sold more than 1.5 million copies to date, it also earned them six Grammy nominations. Not bad at all.

michael jackson

4. Michael Jackson.

In 2009, Michael Jackson’s death was arguably one of the most shocking. The loss struck the world and the world of music hard. Shortly after his death Jackson’s dominated the charts with six of the top ten digital albums being his, as well 25 of the top 75 digital songs and nine of the top ten pop catalogue albums, a clear indication of just how much of an influence his music still had. The documentary Michael Jackson’s This Is Itbecame the highest grossing documentary ever taking in more than $252 million worldwide in its first 2 days showing Michael was still the King of Pop.


5. Rihanna

Rihanna has had one hell of a year, with much tabloid controversy concerning here and Chris Brown. She also made history when she performed for a global audience via Nokia’s live streamed concert in London, which officially marked the launch of her much anticipated new album, Rated R. The album shows off her darker and edgier side and proves she can be radio friendly with an edge. Her single “Hard” featuring Jeezy is one to look out for.

Jay -Z

6. Jay-Z..

Jay-Z’s album “The Blueprint 3” was one of the most anticipated albums of 2009, once released it flew to the top of the charts, and became his 11th US number-one album. The single “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys has been a smash hit.

kings of leon

7. Kings of Leon.

While 2008 introduced Kings of Leon to the mainstream audience, 2009 has seen the band build on that success. Their single Sex on Fire” won the band a Grammy Award. It seems as their singles reach worldwide chart success and consistency, so does the band. I love the Nashville natives and I look forward to hearing more from them.

La Roux

8. La Roux.

New comer duo La Roux who are “trying to make pop music like it used to be in the ’80s…” has caused quite a stir this year with their singles “Quicksand” and “Bullet-proof” garnering a lot of airplay. They burst into main stream and look set to stay there. It’ll be interesting to see what 2010 holds for them.

florence & the machine

9. Florence & the Machine.

One of my most exciting finds in 2009 was Florence & the Machine. “Soul inspired indie” combined with haunting vocals and a melodic sound mean that they make for addictive listening. The band’s debut album, Lungs, was released on 6 July 2009 and the success it achieved shows that Florence & the Machine is band on the rise and are one to keep an eye on.

10. The Temper Trap.

The Temper Trap is another exciting find in 2009. Their single “Sweet Disposition” has been featured on the soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer, but their song “Science of Fear” is one to look out for. They create a “captivating, atmospheric sound using grand guitars, pulsating rhythms and yearning vocals.”

Some of the most popular songs of 2009 (and one or two of my favourites):

Black Eyed Peas “Boom, Boom, Pow” Flo Rida-“Right Round”.

David Guetta -”Sexy Chick”. Lady Gaga-“Bad Romance”. Owl City-”Fireflies”. Ke$ha-”TiK ToK”.

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  2. 1. Michaelmatician (Time/Music Traveller/Artist)
    2. Michaelmatician (Time/Music Traveller/Artist)
    3. Michaelmatician (Time/Music Traveller/Artist)
    4. Michaelmatician (Time/Music Traveller/Artist)
    5. Michaelmatician (Time/Music Traveller/Artist)

    P.S – you listen to the radio too much.

    For more info about Michaelmatician:

  3. garymeyerza wrote:

    Yup, still starstruck.

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  5. [...] Fierce” late last year and the spawned singles have risen to the top of the charts, most notably “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” which was nominated for a total of nine awards at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, … [...]

  6. Matt wrote:

    Hey :)

    K, let me start with what the good stuff..

    I stumbled across your blog searching for the Dans Republic song (Which is awesome :) , and since then I’ve signed up and every new blog entry I’ve looked forward too..

    But then I find this!!! the top 6 are all basically mainstream rubbish for the masses – i mean there may be one or two songs that have a smudge of mastery, but otherwise I’d think you are from Mtv.. 7 onwards it improves, but I would have put Temper Trap much higher against the rest of these people – The only one I can’t have an opinion on is Florence and the Machine (i will eventually get round to listening to them) Personally, from what I see from all your other entries, you have far more taste then this.. any chance you’d post another Top 10, cuz I’d love some new music 2 listen 2, and I think you myt have one or 2 artists :)

  7. musicalmover wrote:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks so much for the good stuff, it’s great to hear! Dans Republic is an awesome collab and hopefully there will be more like it some stage in the near future…

    Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the Top 10; I did say in an earlier comment that “admittedly my Top 10 was more a reflection of the top artists of the year, with a few of my personal favourites thrown in.” Don’t forget the masses are ones that need to be entertained and so they cater to that and you would have thought I was from MTV? ha. love that. Well, considering you asked so nicely, I’ll have a quiz around and get something together for you when I can! Lets see if I can improve on the Top 10. (crossing fingers).

    p.s. listen to Florence & The Machine-you won’t regret it!

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