Prime Circle’s All Or Nothing Album, Goes Platinum

Hot on the heels of their hugely successful tour of India, South Africa’s premier rock band Prime Circle continue to celebrate with news that their third album and EMI debut All Or Nothing has just gone platinum

“We poured our hearts and souls into All or Nothing,” Lead singer Ross Learmonth says. “Having our South African fans confirm that what we believe is great, in buying the album, is testament enough to us that they’re enjoying what we do as much as we do.”

After nine years and three progressively strong albums behind them, the band comprising Learmonth on lead vocals and guitar, Dale Schnettler on drums, Dirk Bisschoff on lead guitar, Neil Breytenbach on keyboards and Marco Gomes on bass concur that their success is squarely attributed to their ever-growing and genuinely fanatical South African base.“

 Never ones to suffer celebrity, Prime Circle has worked extremely hard in attaining impressive platinum sales. With a rigorous tour schedule that commenced with the 2008 release of All or Nothing, the band’s mission continues to be to take their music to as many people as time and distance will allow. “The hard work is paying off,” Dirk agrees. “Going platinum is a great pit stop for us to celebrate with our fans and it makes each of us only more passionate about taking what we do to the next level.”

“It’s the ultimate pat on the back,” Neil agrees with regards to their great sales success. “It was always on our agenda, but having another of our dreams realised rested squarely with the people who believe in us and celebrate the songs as much as we do – that’s what makes this landmark moment extraordinary!”

First came “Out of this Place” then “She Always Gets What She Wants”, but it was their third single “Consider Me” that has turned into a true anthem that the entire world can and is relating to on a multitude of levels. Just one week after Prime Circle returned from their groundbreaking Indian tour in late August, “Consider Me” went straight in at the top of the national chart there, followed one week later when South Africa responded, confirming the same much sought after accolade.

With a record label that supports the bands collective vision to captivate and entertain all who will hear has, between three monumental singles and equally compelling live performances Prime Circle has, in the words of Marco; “paid their school fees,” performed their final dress rehearsal and now, thanks to what their South African fans have afforded then, are ready to build on what is clearly a very solid foundation.

With still more singles to come from All or Nothing – never has an album title rung more true for a group humble, exceptionally hard working and truly gifted in the art of great musicianship.

Prime Circle is on the cusp of bigger things thanks to three equally compelling singles, platinum album sales and sold-out shows each time they step up to celebrate their place. “We do what we love,” Dale concludes, “and we intend capitalising on every drop of sweat and encore now, and well into the future.”

Rest assured the road ahead for Prime Circle is booked and confirmed to take modern rock to new heights – all you need to do is make sure you have front row seats as it happens.

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