Gossip (formerly the Gossip) are three-piece American indie rock band. The band was formed in 1999 in Olympia, Washington by vocalist Beth Ditto, drummer Kathy Mendonca and guitar, synth and bass player Nathan Howdeshell.

In 2003, two months after the release of their first live album Undead in NYC drummer, Kathy Mendonca left the band and Hannah Blilie took her place.

Over the years vocalist Beth has caused her share of controversy by being open about her homosexuality and weight as well as saying what she means.

The band have stated a liking for post-punk bands Birthday Party and Siouxsie And The Banshees and their style has been described as “a sort of funky punk soundtrack” by The Independent newspaper.

They have had mainstream success with their hit Standing in the Way of Control (which gained popularity after being featured a popular UK television series in 2007).

They recently released Heavy Cross from their album Music For Men and it is set to be their next big hit-so watch out for them…

Enjoy the video for Heavy Cross below


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  1. NielDLR wrote:

    I loved their Standing in the way of Control tune way back. Since then they didn’t pull my attention really, but that Heavy Cross tune is really good! If you read up on Beth Ditto you’ll see that she has quite the reputation for live performances. She does really sick stuff. Gross!

  2. Gideon wrote:

    I listened to this band a while ago, and lost their cd somewhere when my hard drive crashed. They are really cool. Have you listened to The Magic Numbers, or The Hush Sound? Think you’ll like that as well.

  3. dee wrote:

    i don’t see how the magic numbers relate to the gossip at all – apart from the fact that the singers are all fat.

    anyway, heavy cross is a good track – very catchy.

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