La Roux

When flame haired  Elly Jackson (daughter of The Bill actress Trudie Goodwin) and co-writer and co-producer Ben Langmaid teamed up they formed the collaborative project La Roux, an electropop “synth duo”.

Elly found a book of baby names in a bin, within the book was the name “La Roux” which comes from the French for ‘red-haired one’, referring to Elly’s distinctive hairstyle and so they came upon their name.

They are largely influenced by 1980s pop music including Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Yazoo and Prince.

With the mix of electro, pop and with Elly Jackson’s distinct vocals an addictive element is added to their music.

La Roux are set to have surefire hits with their songs Quicksand and Bulletproof.

Enjoy the video for In for the Kill below


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  1. LucasGo wrote:

    Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix -

  2. garymeyerza wrote:

    dude, I dig bullet proof! woo-freakin-hoo

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