Another Exclusive Interview With Fokofpolisiekar

Take 5 Afrikaans rockers add a highly controversial name and lyrics that are hard to ignore, and you’ve got Fokofpolisiekar one of South Africa’s most well known, influential and outrageous rock bands.

“Wynand and I met in high school and played in a band together when I was 15 and he was about 17. The rest of the guys went to high school together and also played music, we ended up playing at the same shows or supporting the same bands from Bellville and in 2003 we started Fokofpolisiekar.” says Francois on the band coming together and their coming together albeit unknown to them would bear the creation of one of the most highly regarded Afrikaans rock bands out there.

Ironically enough the name Fokofpolisiekar (which translates to fuck off police car) the name that sparked endless debate and discussion came about “as a joke! A car pulled in front of Francois and he got a fright and shouted “Fokof familiemotor”, but communication got blurred and it ended up being Fokofpolisiekar! That’s the story” says Hunter.

“They released their first EP, As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand soon after forming, and one of its tracks, Hemel op die Plattelandmade history when it became the first Afrikaans song to be officially playlisted on national radio station 5FM.”

The band gained notoriety when they expressed their somewhat ‘different’ views on religion but that didn’t put a damper on their growing fan base. It all led to them playing an extensive amount of festivals in South Africa and also having a successful European tour.

The band took a break after a few years but flash forward to September 2008 where they came together again and released an Ep – “Antibiotika” and the video for the first single (the title track off the album) was released and quickly stormed up the local music charts to stay fixed at number one for a many a week.

“The next single off the Ep should be ‘Van Weelde en Rykdom’ (which also happens to be Francois’s “favourite song”) and there is no doubt it’ll make it’s way to the top of the charts soon after its release.

On what the band would like to achieve in the music industry (or rather what they haven’t achieved as of yet) is being able to “play music until we get old…”

As for the side project the guys are involved in, well…it’s a long list (of notably the best bands coming out of the music scene) “Wynand and I (Francois) also do Van Coke Kartel. Hunter and Snake are also busy with aKING and Hunter and Johnny work on Die Heuwels Fantasties.”

Within the band Wynand has the ‘honour’ of talking the most rubbish (at any given moment), Francois happens to be the messiest on tour, and Snake takes the longest to get ready before a gig,but where does this leave Hunter and Johnny? The busiest?

Enjoy the video for “Antibiotika” below


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