‘Talking to Myself’ with help from Jax Panik


Meet: Grafton Primary

“With sound histories in the musical realm, brothers Joshua (voice) and Ben (synths/keytar) manifest digital and analogue ideas; one part divine inspiration, one part machine translation. Together they create grand poetic electronica, with its own future echo. On stage drummer Robbie makes his own waves, and the trio is complete.

(If only Bach had owned a synthesiser. If only TS Eliot had been a practical cat)…”

Jax’s thoughts are:  ‘Relativity’ is the track that put them on the map, they are  from Oz (like The Presets, Midnight Juggernauts, Cut Copy, and other big names) They also have great lyrics!

Jax loves them- check it out!


yours in musical madness

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