‘Talking To Myself’ with help from Jax Panik!


Photo Credit: Antonia Steyn

As today is the day of Jax Paniks album release I decided to do a feature about bands he loves.

The first band is Digitalism

“As acts like Erol Alkan and the Klaxons were blurring the lines between indie rock and dance music in 2007, Germany’s Digitalism were mashing garage band attitude with pumping electro music while in cahoots with the stylish French house label Kitsuné Music. After meeting in a record store and joining forces as a DJ team, Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci decided to create a dance project that acted as a band and dubbed it Digitalism. Sounding like Daft Punk with a real live drummer, the single “Idealistic” introduced the band in 2004..”

Jax’s thoughts are: “Pogo is the track that made them famous. Very cool German electro”..

love it.


yours in musical madness

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  1. ronnie wrote:

    i like the digitalies too!

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