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Photo Credit: Liam Lynch

Fokofpolisiekar was formed during April 2003 by a group of friends from Cape Town who decided to produce music in their own way. It would carry strong symbolism of the Fokofpolisiekar lifestyle and their perspective on everyday life: a style of music that they and their generation can relate to.

Fokofpolisiekar is currently one of SA`s biggest rock acts. Their explosive performances combined with their distinctive style and fine tuned marketing campaigns have packed out venues nationwide.

They have become a household name in SA due to the controversy generated around them in the media. Although branded by many conventional South Africans as the bad boys of Afrikaans rock, they have also been noticed by Afrikaans literary circles for the intelligent conveyance of their honest and straightforward lyrics. Their success and popularity among both fans and the media alike shows that they have more substance and impact than just an outrageous name. (Translate: F*** off police car).


I got in touch with Francois van Coke from Fokofpolisiekar and we talked about new releases, side projects and playing music until they got old.


So how did the band meet? Wynand and I met in high school and played in a band together when I was 15 and he was about 17. The rest of the guys went to high school together and also played music, we ended up playing at the same shows or supporting the same bands from Bellville and in 2003 we started Fokofpolisiekar.


What are the new things happening? Well, in September we released a Ep – Antibiotika, and we are in the post-production stages of the video for the first single (the title track off the album).


What you’d like to achieve in the music industry? To play music until we get old…


What’s the new single your releasing (or will it be a surprise)? The next single should be ‘Van Weelde en Rykdom’ it’s the second single off the Ep.
Do you have a favorite song from the album? ‘Van Weelde en Rykdom’ is speaking to me at the moment.


Who takes the longest to get ready before a gig?  Snake..


What side projects do you guys work on? Wynand and I also do Van Coke Kartel. Hunter and Snake are also busy with aKING and Hunter and Johnny work on Heuwels Fantasties.


Who talks the most rubbish (at any given moment)? Wynand


Who is the messiest on tour? Probably me…


enjoy the video for ‘Ek Syn (Heilig)’ below!




yours in musical madness




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