Jax Panik Exclusive Interview

“Jacobus Johannes van Heerden -aka Jax Panik -was born and raised in the pleasantville-ish suburb of Bellville; located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. From a young age it was clear that he was different from the other kids in his neighbourhood. While they were blowing stuff up and torturing little animals, he took up gymnastics and learnt to play the trombone. He regularly performed bizarre dance and song routines for family and friends, on tracks by Queen, Van Halen, Talking Heads, and other favourites. In high school Jax joined his first band; a punk act called 22 Stars. By age 16 these young rebels were playing clubs and bars every weekend; getting drunk, smashing equipment, yelling obscenities at the crowd… Ironically tracks were all bursting with catchy hooks, sing-along melodies, and feel-good lyrics! At varsity Jax played in various bands, regularly switching from guitarist to bassist to keyboardist, and everything in between! The more he struggled to explain his unique vision to other musicians, the more he wanted to just do his own thing. So he bought some cheap software and started recording and programming his own tracks. Jax Panik was born!..”

I quizzed him on all things from live shows, world domination to new releases.

When are you going to start doing live shows? Um…**Never! (laughs madly) Right now I’m more focused on just writing good and recording really strong tracks. A hit single on national radio means so much more than a few people seeing you at a show.

**”Never” is a term that in the music business means: ‘not at the moment-but possibly sometime in the near future..’

What are new things happening? I’m working really hard at getting everything done for the first release. If all goes well my album will be in stores by December. It’s been super difficult with hiccups galore along the way, as this is a completely indie release (no label backing or funding whatsoever)!

(I will personally help to get that album out in December- somehow)!

What would you like to achieve in the music industry? Global domination of course (smiles wickedly)

What’s the new single your releasing? I’m thinking ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’, but there are so many really strong contenders on the album that it could go in any direction from here. Let’s see how far ‘Russian Roulette’ gets and then I’ll make a decision.

I am feeling ‘Red Robot’ as well as both of those! (it has ‘Cigarettes and Cinnamon’ sound to it)!

Do you have a favorite song from the album? It’s a brand new track called ‘Talking To Myself.” I reckon it’s the best song I’ve ever written.


yours in musical madness

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