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I said I’d keep you updated on news apropos 7th Son.. well i have some exciting news!

They have show at Mercury Live on the 5th of November, so check it out as they are touring overseas in December.

Yep, they are heading on overseas. That’s so exciting for them, but it’s not so great for their loyal fans here in good ole S.A. (as we are going to miss out on months and months of gigs)

I think S.A. is a force to reckoned with when it comes to amazing music and our bands shouldn’t need to venture over sea’s! (when they do they should remember to head back home though ( it’s too cold there))

Hopefully one day people will flock here to hear our bands and big time record labels will take an interest in our bands (ok…I got a bit sidetracked and its called wishful thinking, but hey)..


yours in musical madness

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  1. Did you manage to make it to the gig?

    If no, I took a whole load of pictures:

    Awesome band, glad they growing and managed to score a record deal but at the same time sad to hear that yet another SA band find that the grass is greener on the other side of the world …

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